Fat Island Girl

So the reality is that as a plus size woman who enjoys clothes I have no option but to be creative with every outfit I curate. It’s not something that I have the luxury of ding to “challenge myself.” My reality is that my daily dressing is always a challenge with the little that I get. Add to it the fact that I don’t live in a place where high quality plus fashion is becoming more readily available. Forget regularly ordering clothes off the internet, it’s frankly far too expensive. Ordered something you don’t like? Good luck, you’re stuck with it unless you can gift or sell it to someone it’s better suited for.


But the thing is, I love clothes. I love putting together outfits that I am comfortable in and not giving a damn who likes it. I love the thrill of putting my clothes together exactly how I want them and knowing that I look great when I step out. But damn is it difficult to shop for plus clothes in Trinidad and Tobago. I’m a size 14-18 meaning that I can still sometimes get away with straight sizing and it’s still painful to hunt down items.

Blue gap dressI’m starting this blog not just to vent my frustrations, but I want to bring you along for the ride as I try to dress myself with the few (expensive) resources at my disposal and hopefully this might bring about some change in the patterns of local retailers.

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