Flying Kites 


I am VERY privileged to have been given this dress. I could not have bought it myself and of course, slow fashion is often not accessible fashion

I have wanted to begin building a more sustainable, ethical wardrobe for around a year now. I’ve been reading about how unethical and unsustainable fast fashion is and I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to change my shopping habits. 

I have those moments of having a closet full of clothes and yet nothing to wear and the fact is these moments come from having a wardrobe that is uncohesive and not in synch with your personal style. We buy cheap trend items to keep ourselves current but it doesn’t allow us to dress like ourselves and worse, it’s unsustainable. 

Now I’m fat *see blog title* and it’s hard enough buying clothes without having to add the challenge of finding ethically made pieces. Fact is most sources for slow fashion aren’t accommodating to larger sizes or they’re sold as custom pieces that add on costs to already more expensive pieces. 

In my research for local fashion, Meiling was top of the list.

                   Heels Kite dress Necklace

Meiling’s Kite is a pretty iconic piece. It’s collared  with a cut out V on the back and large wide sleeves. She added on gingham print and contrast stitching to mine. It was custom made in my size in a longer length and it is exactly my style (cotton sack dress). 

I wore it to dinner with blush block heels and silver jewellery. And since ethical fashion is about fewer, higher quality  more versatile pieces I wore it the very next day to the Green Market with Birkenstocks, a tote by Drevait and my Turtle Warrior bracelets. 

             Tote Sandals Bracelets Earrings

This dress means I won’t be buying any new clothes until the end  of the year but it also means I won’t be buying clothes that I am not 100% in love with and to be honest that’s the way I should always be shopping. 


2 thoughts on “Flying Kites ”

  1. Such a lovely dress. The back of it was definitely a lovely surprise. Thanks for enlightening me on slow and fast fashion; I agree fast may allow one to fit in now and then realize they have a closet full of nothing to wear. That was my issue before medical school, easy access to the mall’s and boutiques and a steady income. Fortunately my style was basic to say the least which allowed me to retain items that are timeless pieces. 😊

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